Free Stuff

We are pleased to offer a rich set of free resources. All we ask is that you join our SDU Insiders list, and you're welcome to any of our resources listed here.


SDU Tools are a set of tools for DBAs and Developers. They provide a large number of functions, procedures, views, and more to help you develop better and to manage your databases better.

Useful utility for splitting CSV and other text files in Windows


Want to be an SSMS wizard? SQL Server Management Studio Tips and Tricks is the best summary of how to use SSMS like a professional.

Thinking about using Transparent Database Encryption (TDE) in SQL Server. Make sure you know what you're doing before you start.

Thinking about using Snowflake (R) ? If you're currently using SQL Server or other databases, this book would be a great start.

Podcast and Blog

The SQL Down Under podcast is an audio show where Data Platform MVP and member of the Microsoft Regional Director program Greg Low, interviews well-known identities from the SQL Server and data communities.

Greg Low's blog (The Bit Bucket) is constantly updated and provides a wealth of ideas, tips, and tricks.