SQL Down Under Podcast

SQL Down Under is a podcast (audio show) for SQL Server professionals. In each show, Data Platform MVP and member of the Microsoft Regional Director program Greg Low interviews a well-known identity from the SQL Server or data communities. Each show provides a wealth of information on using SQL Server and other data-related products. Listening to the show is one of the easiest ways to learn more about the products and the best part is that it's free. So start learning now. Need configuration help? Check out our Getting Started Page.


79 Mark Brown 4Apr20 SDU Show 79 features Microsoft Program Manager Mark Brown discussing the background and current state of CosmosDB.
78 Pam Lahoud 9Mar20 SDU Show 78 features Microsoft Program Manager Pam Lahoud discussing standard and resumable index operations in SQL Server.
77 Rob Sewell 13Dec19 SDU Show 77 features Cloud and Data Center Management MVP Rob Sewell discussing the PS dbatools for SQL Server, his latest book on the topic and community contributions to open source projects.
76 Jakub Szymaszek 29Mar19 SDU Show 76 features Jakub Szymaszek from the SQL Server team discussing the current state of security and encryption in SQL Server, and then Always Encrypted with Secure Enclaves in SQL Server 2019.
75 Joe Sack Joe Sack 3Feb19 SDU Show 75 features Principal Program Manager Joe Sack from the SQL Server team discussing SQL Server 2019, and in particular, intelligent query processing.
74 Argenis Fernandez 18Dec18 SDU Show 74 features Principal Program Manager Argenis Fernandez from the SQL Server team discussing SQL Server 2019, and in particular, the use of non-volatile memory.
73 Bob Ward 9Dec17 SDU Show 73 features Principal Architect on the SQL Server team discussing SQL Server 2017, the evolution of the product, Linux and Graph support, remote working, and some baseball.
72 Kamal Hathi 24Nov17 SDU Show 72 features Power BI General Manager Kamal Hathi discussing the state of Power BI.
71 Joe Sack and Shreya Verma 28Jun17 SDU Show 71 features SQL Server product team members Joe Sack and Shreya Verma discussing SQL Server 2017 adaptive query plans and graph API.
70 Aaron Bertrand 21Nov16 SDU Show 70 features Data Platform MVP Aaron Bertrand discussing SQL Server 2016 SP1, SQL Server on Linux, and SentryOne Plan Explorer.
69 Glenn Berry 16Oct16 SDU Show 69 features Data Platform MVP Glenn Berry discussing hardware and hardware performance for SQL Server.
68 Joe Yong 1May16 SDU Show 68 features Microsoft Program Manager Joe Yong discussing SQL Server 2016 Stretch DB.
67 Kasper DeJonge 9Apr16 SDU Show 67 features Kasper DeJonge from Microsoft discussing SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services.
66 Riccardo Muti and Chris Finlan 13Mar16 SDU Show 66 features Microsoft Program Managers Riccardo Muti and Chris Finlan discussing SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services.
65 Jen Underwood 27Dec15 SDU Show 65 features Microsoft Princpal Program Manager on the Power BI team discussing the current state of Power BI.
64 Ryan Crawcour 30Oct14 SDU Show 64 features Microsoft Azure DocumentDB team member Ryan Crawcour discussing what SQL Server DBAs and developers need to know about DocumentDB.
63 Jimmy May 21Jun14 SDU Show 63 features Microsoft Database Architect Jimmy May discussing the clustered columnstore technologies in SQL Server 2014.
62 Paul Larson 4Apr14 SDU Show 62 features Microsoft Principal Researcher Paul Larson discussing the in-memory tables, and clustered columnstore technologies behind SQL Server 2014.
61 David DeWitt 12Nov13 SDU Show 61 features Jim Gray System Lab leader Dr David DeWitt discussing the database industry and the upcoming SQL Server 2014.
60 Adam Machanic 28Jun13 SDU Show 60 features SQL Server MVP Adam Machanic discussing SQL Server parallelism and futures including SQL Server 2014.
59 Reza Rad 13May13 SDU Show 59 features SQL Server MVP discussing SQL Server Integration Services extensibility and performance tuning.
58 Marco Russo 1Apr13 SDU Show 58 features well-known SQL Server author and SSAS Maestro Marco Russo discussing SQL Server Analysis Services tabular data models.
57 Karen Lopez 12Mar13 SDU Show 57 features SQL Server MVP Karen Lopez discussing data modelling, database refactoring, space data, and open data.
56 Thomas LaRock 2Mar13 SDU Show 56 features SQL Server MVP Thomas LaRock discussing DBAs migrating to architect roles, big data, Azure, and upcoming PASS events.
55 Erin Welker 23Feb13 SDU Show 55 features former SQL Server MVP Erin Welker discussing common design issues and patterns in SQL Server dimensional modelling.
54 Grant Fritchley 2Feb13 This show features SQL Server MVP Grant Fritchey discussing how to trace and optimize queries, along with tips on reading execution plans.
53 Grant Paisley 22Jan13 This show features SQL Server MVP Grant Paisley discussing PowerPivot, Power View, SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular and Multidimensional Models.
52 Allan Hirt 13Jan13 This show features Clustering MVP Allan Hirt discussing AlwaysOn High Availability for SQL Server and deployment on Windows Server Core.
51 Conor Cunningham 22Aug12 This show features Conor Cunningham from the SQL Server product group discussing Windows Azure SQL Database (formerly SQL Azure).
50 Louis Davidson 15Aug12 This show features SQL Server MVP Louis Davidson discussing database design and his latest book.
49 Gadi Peleg 14Jun12 This show features Gadi Peleg from the SQL Server team introducing Data Quality Services.
48 Roger Doherty 21Dec11 This show features SQL Server program manager Roger Doherty introducing SQL Server 2012.
47 Mark Tabladillo 4Mar11 This show features data mining guru Dr Mark Tabladillo discussing data mining with SQL Server.
46 Bill Ramos 2Jan10 This show features recent SQL Server product group member Bill Ramos discussing management and monitoring of SQL Server, his new role at Advaiya, and SQL Server extensibility.
45 Jamie Thomson 9Nov09 SQL Server MVP Jamie Thomson discusses Integration Services and the lessons he's learned along the way. Jamie also discusses SSIS best practices and upgrade issues.
44 Simon Sabin 30Aug09 In this show SQL Server MVP Simon Sabin discusses full text indexes in SQL Server 2008 along with thoughts on learning MDX and on technical book writing.
43 Jessica Moss 6Feb09 In this show Jessica Moss discusses SQL Server Reporting Services in 2008 and lessons learned with all versions of Reporting Services.
42 Ryan Dunn 9Dec08 Microsoft Senior Technical Evangelist Ryan Dunn discusses SQL Data Services, the future of the cloud based data services, what is currently available and how to get started.
41 Buck Woody 30Nov08 In this show SQL Server product group member Buck Woody discusses Powershell for SQL Server. He also discusses roles within the product group. Interview was recorded live at the SQL PASS Summit.
40 Miha Kralj 29Sep08 In this show Miha Kralj discusses the future of the IT industry and how it might affect IT Professionals.
39 Kent Tegels 29Aug08 In this show Kent Tegels disusses the spatial data type in SQL Server 2008.
38 Andy Leonard 19Jul08 In this show SQL Server MVP Andy Leonard discusses database testing.
37 Chris Webb 19Jun08 In this show SQL Server MVP Chris Webb discusses MDX and Analysis Services.
36 Lubor Kollar 31May08 In this show SQL Server CAT team leader Lubor Kollar discusses the role of the CAT team, SQL Server 2008 resource governor and compression, along with fishing and mushrooming.
35 Roger Doherty 14Mar08 In this show SQL Server DPE Evangelist Roger Doherty discusses SQL Server 2008 for database developers.
34 Geoff Hiten 7Mar08 In this show SQL Server MVP Geoff Hiten discusses clustering, SANs and magic SAN dust.
33 Allen White 29Feb08 In this show SQL Server MVP Allen White discusses automation of SQL Server using SMO and Powershell.
32 Michael Rys 23Feb08 In this show SQL Product Group member Dr Michael Rys discusses XML in SQL Server from earlier versions through SQL Server 2008.
31 Craig Utley 12Feb08 In this show Craig Utley provides tips on using Reporting Services and what's expected for SSRS in 2008.
30 Pablo Castro 5Feb08 In this show SQL Server Product Group member Pablo Castro discusses LINQ, Entity Framework and ADO.NET Data Services for the DBA and database developer.
29 Richard Tkachuk 24Jan08 In this show SQL Server Product Group member Richard Tkachuk discusses the SQL CAT team, working with Analysis Services and what is upcoming in SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services.
28 Ed Lehman 12Jan08 In this show SQL Server Product Group community lead Ed Lehman discusses the community surrounding SQL Server including the MVP program, the Connect site and CodePlex.
27 David Campbell 11Jan08 In this show SQL Server Product Group legend David Campbell discusses the process of building SQL Server 2008 and what he's most looking forward to in it.
26 Chris Randall 5Jan08 In this show SQL Server MCT Chris Randall discusses the value of SQL Server certification, what is required to become certified and tips and tricks for taking exams.
25 Matthew Roche 21Nov07 In this show Matthew provides a collection of tips and tricks from his experiences using SQL Server Integration Services.
24 Paul Randal 19Oct07 Former SQL Server product group team member Paul Randal discusses DBCC CHECKDB in SQL Server 2005 along with SQL Server 2008 improvements in database mirroring and partitioned tables.
23 James Luetkehoelter 24Jul07 In this show SQL Server author James Luetkehoelter, discusses disaster recovery planning and technology for SQL Server, clustering, log shipping, mirroring and snapshots.
22 Joe Celko 17Feb07 In this show SQL Industry legend Joe Celko discusses SQL coding and multiprocessing futures.
21 Kevin Kline 25Apr07 In this show SQL Server MVP and PASS President Kevin Kline lists what he considers the ten biggest mistakes made when using SQL Server.
20 Richard Waymire 17Jan07 In this show Microsoft Program Architect Richard Waymire discusses the released version of VSTE DBPro (aka DataDude), directions in SQL Server development and fishing.
19 Peter Myers 19Sep06 In this show SQL Server MVP Peter Myers provides an introduction to SQL Server Analysis Services for developers and DBA's.
18 Don Vilen 29Aug06 In this show Microsoft SQL Server Engine Team Program Manager Don Vilen discusses the transparent upgrade benefits associated with SQL Server 2005.
17 Gert Drapers 8Jun06 In this show Microsoft Architect and Development Manager Gert Drapers discusses the upcoming Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals (formally known as Data-Dude).
16 Paul Nielsen 21May06 In this show SQL Server MVP Paul Nielsen discusses object relational mapping vs relational databases and his upcoming Nordic framework.
15 Kimberly Tripp 4May06 In this show SQL Server MVP and Microsoft MSDN Regional Director Kimberly Tripp discusses two of her passions: SQL Server indexing and scuba diving.
14 Adam Cogan 19Apr06 In this show Microsoft Regional Director Adam Cogan presents his "rules" for better SQL Reporting Services.
13 Bill Graziano 1Apr06 SQL Server MVP Bill Graziano discusses things he wishes developers knew about SQL Server, agile development, build environments and unit testing along with the recent PASS conference and baseball.
12 Louis Davidson 2Feb06 In this show SQL Server MVP Louis Davidson describes the top ten errors he sees being made in database design.
11 Tom Moreau 17Jan06 SQL Server MVP Dr Tom Moreau shares lessons he has learned while starting to work with SQL Server Service Broker, how DMVs helped and a little about Guide Dogs and Birds of Prey.
10 Graeme Simsion 22Dec05 Internationally renowned data modeller Graeme Simsion gives thoughts on the role of a data modeller vs a DBA, common data modelling errors and directions in data modelling.
9 Jim Gray 22Nov05 A.C.M. Turing Award winner and Microsoft Distinguished engineer Dr Jim Gray discusses the future of SQL Server. Jim (a database industry legend) gives his thoughts on the future directions for databases.
8 Adam Machanic 4Nov05 In this show SQL Server MVP Adam Machanic discusses advantages of using stored procedures as APIs and unit testing of SQL Server stored procedures.
7 Roger Wolter 22Sep05 In this show Roger (a product manager at Microsoft) discusses common questions surrounding the latest update to the MSDE product line, SQL Server Express Edition.
6 Itzik Ben-Gan 5Sep05 SQL Server MVP Itzik Ben-Gan discusses techniques for using the T-SQL language to solve common problems, shows how considering a negative point of view might help and discusses the upcoming enhancements.
5 Niels Berglund 13Aug05 SQL Server identity Niels Berglund discusses why Service Broker is so important, each of the objects that needs to be configured, the typical lifecycle of a message and the GUI administration tool he created.
4 Bob Beauchemin 30Jul05 SQL Server MVP Bob Beauchemin discusses the integration of managed code with SQL Server 2005, why it's important and the security and performance implications.
3 Kent Tegels 18Jul05 In this show SQL Server MVP Kent Tegels discusses why XML is important for SQL Server, existing SQL Server 2000 support and upcoming XML support in SQL Server 2005.
2 Hilary Cotter 28Jun05 In this show SQL Server MVP Hilary Cotter discusses SQL Server replication.
1 Kalen Delaney 23May05 In this show SQL Server MVP Kalen Delaney discusses the history of the SQL Server product and shares with us her top features for SQL Server 2005.



Sadly, some of my guests on the show have passed away. Each time, as well as a deep loss for their families, it's a great loss to the SQL Server and data communities.

Kent Tegels

Kent was a friend and an early guest on the show. He came back on the show when he was recovering from a serious illness. He was the first guest to appear twice. In August 2010, we got the sad news that he had lost his battle with illness and passed away. I cannot begin to express how sad I was to hear about this. Farewell Kent and thanks for all the fish.

(Dr) Jim Gray

Jim Gray appeared to have passed away. He was sailing his yacht Tenacious to the Farrallon Islands to spread his mother's ashes, and was not seen again. His loss to the industry is great. In my early years learning about database management systems, Jim was one of my heroes and I was so pleased to get to spend time with him and for him to then agree to participate on the podcast. I was deeply saddened to hear of his loss.

For more information, see:
Jim Gray (Wikipedia) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Gray_(computer_scientist)
Jim Gray (Microsoft Research) http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/people/gray/