SQL Server Replication for Developers and DBAs

Not sure if SQL Server replication is what you should be using? Not sure how to configure it? Find out fast !

Course Summary

 Learn to use SQL Server Replication effectively

  • Your main system is way too busy
  • You want to offload reporting and analytics to another server
  • You think that moving data closer to your users would help
  • You need to understand the options that replication can provide to you
  • You've heard that replication is difficult but not sure if that's true
  • You've configured some replication but not sure if you're doing it correctly
  • You've seen slow systems with replication but you're wondering if they were using the right type of replication
  • You want to learn from an expert
If any of these apply to you, this course is for you! And as well as detailed instruction, the course also offers hands-on labs with downloadable resources, and video lab walk-throughs, quizzes to check your learning, and a certificate on completion.

Greg Low


Dr Greg Low is an international consultant, developer and trainer. He has been working in development since 1978, holds a PhD in Computer Science and a host of Microsoft certifications. Greg was the first certified master for SQL Server world-wide. He is the Managing Director for SQL Down Under, a Data Platform (SQL Server) MVP, host of the popular SQL Down Under podcast series, and a member of the Microsoft Regional Director program.

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