Mentoring vs Consulting

In general, we like to work with your existing staff and to transfer as many skills to them as possible, to give them the best chance of being successful long after our engagement has finished. We're not like consulting companies that want to stay for as long as possible, bill you endlessly and avoid transferring knowledge. We prefer to provide you with the help you need now and come back in the future when the product and your needs have evolved further. We consider this mentoring rather than consulting.

We also understand, though, that you might not have the staff required or you might have the staff but they might not have available time. In these types of situations, we're happy to take on projects on a consulting basis.

Architectural Guidance

Use our deep skills and experience to make sure your projects get off to the right start. Everyone knows that fixing inappropriate design decisions down the track is much more expensive than avoiding them in the first place. We have worked with a large number of projects and can bring that experience to share with your team.

Performance Tuning

We have solid experience in helping clients to resolve performance issues, on both large and small sites. We have particularly strong skills in working with developers to avoid performance issues during the design and development phases of a project. Don't throw expensive hardware resources at problems before you talk to us.